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We have specialized development teams in Europe that help you scale out immediately.
Our skilled Consultants acting as Product Owners help you get started asap.


The world is changing rapidly. Our Consultants are specialists that help you succeed.

We help you go from waterfall to agile methodologies, from monolithic legacy code to a microservice architecutre and from excelmacros to AI.


Our Consultants help you develop stunning software to achieve your goals.
Located in your offices they can complement your existing teams.

We belive the future will be great

To achieve amazing results, we help you with the best consultants you can find.

From question zero and requirement gathering to business and software development, we are here for you.

Business Angels help you fly

You have the idea – we have the ressources!

Combined with our expertise you can get to where you want to be!
Not only do we supply the best developers you can find, we also help you with our know-how to build companies.

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